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Locked keys in car - it sounds like an annoying situation, doesn't it? Many people have come across a term "locksmith", but first thing most of them think of is a regular door locksmith who can pop and lock doors in one's home. Of course, there is much more to a profession of a locksmith and our specialty at United Auto Locksmith is - well, you can guess from the name itself. We are specialists at providing auto locksmith services, for whatever vehicle you possess. So, if you ever wondered who can unlock a car in the case of emergency, who can copy car key, who can rekey a car lock or reprogram a transponder key - it is United Auto Locksmith technicians.

We see numerous questions related to car locksmiths every day, like:


The list is endless, so we will answer the questions relating car locksmith thoroughly, and talk about what we offer at United Auto Locksmith in Calvert.

  • There are many situations regarding an auto lock that you can experience. First of all, when we mention 'auto lock', we mean 'every lock that is found on a vehicle, whether it's on a car door, trunk or ignition lock'. Secondly, these locks can freeze, get jammed, break in some way or you can break a key inside them. You can envision a situation when you're coming back from a winter vacation and your car door gets frozen. Or, you can be on your way home from work, stop by to do some grocery shopping and realize: "I lost my car keys!" Your trunk can be jammed, or your transponder key may be broken or lost. All these and many other situations related to autokeys or car lock can be easily solved if you reach out to us - United Auto Locksmith.
  • Who are United Auto Locksmith technicians, you might ask. To become a car locksmith, one must go through a proper training. For example, at Washington, DC's, Calvert Auto Locksmith, all our technicians went through a training process and got certification for their work. A real locksmith for vehicles owns a license for their work (anybody who doesn't have a license for this type of job might do a serious damage on your car), insurance (it means both the client and technician are insured, to assure safety and proper job done), and bonded (being legally bonded also shows you are dealing with a certified locksmith service). Our staff is educated and trained what to do in the case of the newest, delicate technologies and how to get the job done and never damage your car.
  • What are car locksmith services? - Those are numerous, because there are a variety of things one United Auto Locksmith technician can do. Whether it's a car unlock service, keying a car, rekey, programming a key fob, lock installation or more, you can count on our able locksmith staff to do it for you. In the cases of lost keys, we can manufacture new ones or copy the existing ones; whether it's a key broken in the ignition, we can repair or replace it. Also, for all the questions like 'how to program Chevy key fob', 'how to program BMW key', or 'how to program Toyota key fob' - the answer is simple: whatever car brand it is, we do the work. If you are in doubt regarding a certain service, or even if you aren't sure we can help you - always contact us, our courteous staff will be glad to help you out and answer your questions regarding our services.
  • "I need a car locksmith near me!" - of course, many of these auto lock-related situations can happen when you are in a hurry. In that case, you need a locksmith who can arrive really fast and do the necessary repairing in the record time. At United Auto Locksmith Calvert, you can count both on the fast arrival (under half an hour) and quick (but skilled) intervention. Locked keys in trunk, jammed doors and other issues is what our locksmiths handle and fix in a heartbeat.
  • 24 hour locksmith service is sometimes essential. What if any of these issues happen late at night, on the weekend when you have no one to call? Imagine yourself stuck somewhere, typing "I lost my car keys, who should I call?" or "find automotive locksmith near me". You can count on 24/7 service from us at United Auto Locksmith. Whenever the emergency occurs, we will be available to give you a hand. Don't worry if it's a holiday or the weekend - we always have our team of experts waiting for somebody to call them. They will be equipped with all the necessary mobile locksmith tools to solve your particular issue.
  • Lastly, there is the price issue - how much does an automotive locksmith cost? People can be worried about the price because many uncertified 'locksmiths' tend to charge too much. Don't get into that trap - reach out to the certified experts to solve your problem, for an affordable locksmith price. If you aren't so sure about the locksmith pricing, you can check everything for yourself via free estimate or by calling us. We try to make it simple and convenient for you.

You never know when you will need someone to help you out with the locked keys in car, and when you do, you sure need somebody who is trustworthy and friendly around Calvert / Washington, DC. At United Auto Locksmith, we have more than enough experience and are very professional to live up to your standards. Even if you have a brand new, expensive car, you can trust us to do the work for you without damaging your precious property. Wherever you are in the area of Calvert and you are searching "emergency locksmith for cars", you will find us as your best choice.

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Lost your car keys?

Don't worry - call the best locksmiths for vehicles: 202-688-0466 Free Price Estimate. We are affordable, always available and licensed.

DIY or Calling a Certified Auto Locksmith?

Many people try to DIY some urgent situation because they think it's the best solution. So, instead of Googling "how to get into a locked car", or "how to get keys out of locked car", better contact the real professionals who won't charge you a fortune, but still perform a high-quality work. For any concerns or additional questions, you can contact our call center and our friendly representatives will explain whatever you need. They can also send out a technician right away, if you have an urgent problem to solve.

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So, why are we the best auto lock and car keys service? To sum up:

  • We are the most affordable locksmith service for vehicles (don't waste your money!)
  • We are available 24/7 (even when the others aren't)
  • Our team of car locksmith experts is well-trained and beyond pleasant
  • Whether you have an older vehicle or a brand new model, we can solve any issue
  • We are the fastest!

"This is the best car locksmith near me!" - we know we are the best, and all our customers are satisfied, with a pleasant experience. Join our large group of happy clients by calling us now.


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A locksmith for vehicles needs special training to know how to get into a locked car, or how to replace ignition lock cylinder, etc.
Mobile car locksmith technicians should be properly licensed and insured.
At United Auto Locksmith you can be sure to be sent technicians that are fully insured, licensed and bonded. Our goal is to make our customers feel safe and secured, so we provide them with our professional team of men that went through a proper training. "I've found some great car locksmiths in my area" is what any American can say, because you can get our professional service all over the country.

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